Sharing a 100 % organic wellness in Israel: we develop and produce natural organic cosmetics at the highest standards with a unique approach honoring your body and nature.

Our Story

Our amazing journey into natural organic skincare began … naturally It all started during our first pregnancy when we became self-conscious about our nutrition and our quest for a healthier and purer lifestyle. We have always been fascinated by Mother Nature and aware of environmental issues, but it’s only one evening of May 2014, when our Lily pointed the tip of her nose and marked by our desire to bring her the best on earth, that we decided to jump ahead.

We got into permaculture on our little terrace – growing aromatic plants and vegetables, just to make sure we always have fresh vegetables at our disposal but also to limit our plastic use.

Bonding more than ever to Nature and to what it has to offer, willing to give Lily the finest products, we extended those values that were now ours to our cosmetics and skincare products.

Our Desires

We were willing to have healthy organic skin care products of single and natural composition shampoo, soap and other lotions, chemical-free and toxin-free products that do not disrupt with the endocrine system nor contain paraben.
We wanted natural and 100% eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare products in accordance with the promises made and compatible with our ecological and environmental thinking: non-industrial manufacturing, non-polluting, local and plastic-waste awareness.

We were willing to enjoy organic natural body care and skincare products with the highest quality but also soft and efficient: natural eco-friendly skin care products. Very enjoyable, with authentic aromas, reminding all the wonders of nature.

Nothing on the Israeli market could meet our desires so we started to craft products for our own personal use from pure, healthy and premium ingredients. Once we were trained properly to ancient and contemporary knowledge, we crafted our first handmade soap, shampoo and deodorant – slowly but surely.

The Trigger

A few years later, we gave birth to our son Isaac, his sensitive skin and recurring rashes despite using dermatological soap, gave us inspiration to create an organic baby soap. Mastering the art of creating natural organic soap – ultra soft and using 72% cold-pressed Olive Oil, we developed an Oat and Chamomile Baby Soap, three days later, our baby got his baby skin back!

Once we were confident enough about the level of quality, we decided to share our expertise in Israel!

Driven by the enthusiastic feedback from our beloved ones , we have developed the Lily Rose complete line of shampoo, soaps and deodorant.

Our Commitment – Premium Quality Products

Lily Rose Cosmetics and Skincare Products meet – without exception – 10 commitments
Craft Manufactured – according to amazing natural recipes
French Expertise – according to old French Cosmetics techniques
Highest Quality Ingredients – we use cold-pressed organic Olive oil and essential oils
Organically Grown – pesticide free with natural flavors
100% Made in Israel – we look for the best producers Israel has to offer
  Authentic and Exotic Oils – Rhassoul and Argan Oil from Morocco, Shikakai from India
The formulas and the process – were tested by a dermatologist
Exclusive in Israel – Aleppo Soap, solid shampoo with a unique recipe
Zero Waste – from manufacture to eco-packaging, we work in full harmony with our surroundings
Cost-Saving – solid and richly aromatic – experience more sensations on the long term

The Result – cosmetics and skin care products that do good
Lily Rose Natural Organic Cosmetics offer incredible wellness to your skin and body in an environmentally responsible manner. Your pleasure products that certify an authentic well being to you and your whole family. Your New Wellness Experience Starts with Us.

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